BASF offers a broad range of formulation additives partly based on renewables to cover the increasing demand for sustainable solutions for coating and ink formulations. Many of these additives additionally have food contact compliance making them ideal for use in sustainable printing and packaging applications.

ProductPercentage renewableFood contact complianceDescriptionSample
Dispersing agents
Dispex® Ultra FA 4437 34%Silicone-free surface active flow additive and colour acceptance improver for aqueous systems based on emulsions and aqueous resins. Very effective on difficult-to-wet substrates and prevents surface defects such as craters, fisheyes, pinholes and streaks caused by incompatible components. Made from a modified natural oil.🛒
Dispex® Ultra FA 448020%Universal, non-ionic wetting and dispersing agent; powerful alternative to APEOs; improves gloss development, color intensity and color acceptance.🛒
Dispex® Ultra FA 44838%Universal, anionic wetting and dispersing agent; especially suitable for inorganic pigment concentrates. Ability to formulate APEO-free and glycol-free universal colorants.🛒
Dispex® Ultra FA 441633%Aqueous solution based on: ethoxylated fatty acids, fatty alcohol, phosphates. Wetting & dispersing agent for aqueous formulations; suitable for organic & inorganic pigments & pigment concentrates.🛒
Wetting agents
Hydropalat® WE 312030%Low-foaming wetting agent for aqueous formulations (printing inks and adhesives); excellent reduction of dynamic surface tension. 🛒
Efka® PB 277049%A 100% active, silicone-free deaerator and defoamer for UV curable formulations, composites, gel coats, cast resins, and adhesives.🛒
Foamaster® NO 2331 NA>90%Process defoamer based on renewable, natural oil with broad global food contact compliance. Demonstrates excellent defoaming properties in printing inks, adhesives and functional coatings as well as in emulsion polymerization applications. Compliant with FDA 21CFR 105; 175.300; 176.170/180; 176.200/210.🛒
FoamStar® ED 2522 NC20%High performance, ultra-low SVOC silicone emulsion defoamer for premium water-based paints, clear coats and inks. It has excellent storage stability and extremely low SVOC content.🛒
FoamStar® SI 2210 NC30%100%-active-content defoamer for non-pigmented and low-pigmented aqueous coatings, printing inks, adhesives and UV-curable systems; offers strong spontaneous defoaming effect and long-term defoaming persistency.🛒
FoamStar® ST 243422%Effective in high gloss paints and coatings based on acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acrylic latex. Defoams on a molecular level.🛒
FoamStar® ST 243818%100% active defoamer compound combining a hyper-branched Star polymer with high-end organo-silicones to deliver fast foam knock down with very high efficiency🛒
FoamStar® ST 243912%Defoamer with high potency for high gloss paints and coatings based on acrylic, styrene acrylic & vinyl acrylic latex.🛒
Loxanol® CA 531083%An Emission Free Coalescent developed for coatings formulations with less than 50 g/l VOC. Designed for low VOC and sustainable raw materials.🛒
Efka® RM 1900~ 70%EFKA RM 1900 is a thickening agent in micronised form for non-aqueous coatings.🛒


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