Join Azelis Americas in this Catalyst eWorkshop series where we will take a deeper dive into specific areas of application and the benefits that Neuburg Siliceous Earth can bring. Sign-up for the topics that matter to you! Each webinar will provide a short overview of the product line, with detailed laboratory and performance studies conducted in the specific area of application.


Times: 9:00am EST or 8:30am PST (11:30am EST)
Duration: 40min + Q&A

Moisture-Cured Adhesives

Friday, May 21st

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Learn the benefits of using Neuberg Siliceous Earth to replace calcium carbonate in moisture-cured adhesive formulas:

  • Excellent strength of properties, up to 2-fold or 3-fold calcium carbonate (tensile strength and lap shear strength)
  • Good water resistance and chemical resistance
  • Selectable rheology (free-flowing to non-sagging)
  • Little to no impact on ultimate elongation

Easy to Clean Paints

Friday, May 28th

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See the benefits and learn the grades of Neuberg Siliceous Earth that can be used to replace Nepheline Syenite in easy to clean water-based paints

  • Adds resistance against cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Wet-scrub resistance
  • Good burnish resistance
  • Also suitable for transparent coatings

Road Marking Paints

Friday, March 12th

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Learn the multiple performance benefits of Neuburg Siliceous Earth in your water- and solvent-based road marking formulations.

  • Better night visibility/improved anchoring of reflecting glass beads
  • Improved early rain resistance
  • Cost savings by partial replacement of titanium dioxide
  • Improved hiding power (opacity)
  • Very low sedimentation
  • Fast drying performance
  • Abrasion resistance

Corrosion Protection Coatings

Friday, April 16th

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See how using Neuberg Siliceous Earth can boost the performance of your water-based and solvent-based corrosion protection coatings:

  • Potential for reducing the corrosion protection pigment
  • Improves weathering resistance
  • Offers good chemical resistance, especially against acids
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent dispersion properties
  • Very low sedimentation
  • Fast drying

Clear Coat Wood Coatings

Friday, May 7th

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See how using Neuberg Siliceous Earth can be used as an alternative to silica matting agents in your clear coat wood coatings.

  • Offers better sanding after shorter drying time
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to water and stains
  • Provides anti-blocking effect
  • Good transparency
  • Excellent matting effect
  • Good appearance on dark woods, wood grain enhancement


Tobias Gartz
Sales Manager Hoffmann Mineral

North America and Northern Europe

As a studied geologist, Tobias educates manufacturers on the multi-functionality of Neuburg Siliceous Earth and benefits they offer in CASE, Rubber & Plastics applications. In his free-time, Tobias loves cooking, being outside in the countryside, most favorably surrounded by mountains; and is an enthusiastic fly fisher.

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