Yellowing is a known weakness with cure & seal formulations made today, but it has been tolerated in this application as it is most commonly applied to grey cement substrates where the color shift is less perceptible. A low- or non-yellowing formulation would be a game changer for this technology and would open-up new market applications such as cure & seal for white cement mortars, decorative concrete, or colored concrete.

ACRONAL 4040 was launched by BASF, and the data generated proved that this binder could pass the rigorous performance testing requirements for cure & seal applications. Their testing also showed improvements over the market leading styrene-acrylic binder where ACRONAL 4040 had a much better film appearance and less yellowing.  We thought this could be a great benefit for our customers and decided to test and generate more data to help our customers decide if it is the right product for them.

Testing Line-Up:


A styrene-acrylic copolymer designed for water-based concrete cure and seal coatings. Get the benefits of both a curing agent and sealer in a single step.

ACRONAL 4040 offers:

  • Excellent water retention
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fast drying
  • Smooth final appearance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low-VOC and non-APEO
  • Very low-yellowing


One-day color measurement

Cure & Seal over White Cement MortarL*(D65)a*(D65)b*(D65)ΔLΔaΔbΔE
CS-1 w/ ACRONAL 404090.42-0.701.29-0.53-0.050.720.90
CS-1 w/ competitive styrene-acrylic89.60-1.013.58-1.53-0.363.013.32

Concluding Remarks

The overall performance results and benefits of ACRONAL 4040 in cure & seal applications can be summarized as follows:

  • Excellent water retention (ASTM C 156)
  • Passes alkali/acid resistance (ASTM C 1315)
  • Fast drying, smooth final coating appearance
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete (ASTM C 1315)
  • Quickly dries without tack (ASTM C 1315)
  • Low-yellowing
  • Excellent heat storage stability
  • Low perms (ASTM C156)

To view the testing results released by BASF please view the following document: ACRONAL 4040 Presentation

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