Metal oxidation is a very well known chemical reaction and the corrosion/decomposition of a metal structure is essentially inevitable when exposed to the environment. As coating technologists we know that the only power we have is to slow the reaction down, and fortunately we are very well versed at different ways to do accomplish this. The most basic mechanism of which is to block the environment from reaching the metal substrate, or in other words: make a really good coating that sticks to the substrate!

Our supplier partner Momentive Performance Products launched a new oligomeric silane that promised increased corrosion resistance and greatly improve adhesion to multiple substrates, even those typically difficult to adhere to like glass and plastic. It claimed to improve hardness and chemical resistance, that it was easy to incorporate, and that these results could be achieved even at low doses. We brought this into our labs to see this performance for ourselves and if we could generate additional performance data that would help our customers decide if it was the right product for them.

CoatOSil MP 200 silane is a 100% active epoxy functional silane oligomer for use as a coupling agent, adhesion promoter and crosslinker for waterborne coatings using acrylic, styrene-acrylic, vinyl-acrylic, polyurethane dispersions, epoxy dispersion and other anionic or cationic binders.

Typical performance benefits include:

  • Improved abrasion and scrub resistance, particularly in highly-filled formulations using silane-reactive fillers such as talc and kaolin (calcined or hydrous)
  • Improved adhesion to concrete, glass and metals (cold-rolled steel, HDG and aluminum, etc.)
  • Improved chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Improved hardness


CoatOsil MP 200 was added at 2% weight on resin solids for the benchmark testing below. The silane was predispersed with low shear paddle mixing for 30 minutes, then set aside for 24 hours before incorporating into the final formulas.

  1. Block Resistance Test with JONCRYL 537
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Salt fog (ASTM B117) with JONCRYL PRO 1522
  3. Adhesion to cold roll steel (ASTM D3359) with JONCRYL PRO 1522

Full raw material list and formulation details can be requested through your Azelis representative or via our iChat service.

Performance Results

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