EPALLOY® specialty epoxy resins deliver improved performance characteristics over standard resins, including chemical resistance, thermal performance, modulus, cure speed, and UV resistance than standard liquid epoxy resins.

EPALLOY Epoxy Resin Solutions

ProductEEW, g/eq (on solids)Viscosity, cps @25°CColor, Max (Gardner)DescriptionSample
EPALLOY 7200MIBK90195-2153,000-8,000-90% solids in Methyl Isobutyl Ketone🛒
EPALLOY 7200X90195-2153,500-7,500290% solids in Xylene🛒
EPALLOY 8330 MAK 80171-183800-1,300380% in Methyl n-Amyl Ketone🛒
EPALLOY 8330 MEK 85171-183800-1,400385% in Methyl Ethyl Ketone🛒
EPALLOY 8350 X80175-1841,200-3,000380% solids in Xylene🛒
EPALLOY 8370 A85205-2125,000-7,000385% solids in Acetone🛒
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