ERISYS® GE Series glycidyl ether monomers and modifiers are low molecular weight epoxy functional products based on alcohols, glycols, and phenols.  The product line covers a broad range of TSCA approved monomers from mono-epoxy functional to multi-epoxy functional materials.

ERISYS Epoxy Functional Glycidyl Esters

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cps @ 25°CColor, MaxDescriptionSample
ERISYS GS-110238-2565-1550 (APHA)Glycidyl Ester of Neodecanoic Acid. Efficient & economical diluent for viscosity reduction.🛒
ERISYS GS-120390-470400-9009 (Gardner)Glycidyl Ester of Dimer Acid. Flexibilizing modifier for rigid epoxy resin systems.🛒

ERISYS Mono-Epoxy Functional – Glycidyl Ethers / Aliphatic

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cps @ 25°CColor, Max (APHA)DescriptionSample
ERISYS GE-5145-1552 max100n-Butyl Glycidyl Ether. Most efficient epoxy functional diluent available.🛒
ERISYS GE-6205-2351-41002-Ethylhexyl Glycidyl Ether. Excellent replacement for BGE as a low viscosity reactive diluent.🛒
ERISYS GE-7220-2351-6100C8-C10 Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether. Natural alcohol based. Used for high solids coatings, tooling & civil engineering applications.🛒
ERISYS GE-8275-3005-10100C12-C14 Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether. Natural alcohol based. Used in flooring, aggregate bonding & adhesives.🛒

ERISYS Mono-Epoxy Functional – Glycidyl Ethers / Aromatic

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cps @ 25°CColor, MaxDescriptionSample
ERISYS GE-10170-1955-101O-Cresyl Glycidyl Ether. Viscosity modifier for construction, flooring & casting. Excellent moisture tolerance.🛒
ERISYS GE-11215-24020-301P-tertiary Butyl Phenyl Glycidyl Ether. Modifier for Bisphenol A resins to eliminate crystallization. Good electrical properties. Easier to handle.🛒
ERISYS GE-13150-1654-72Phenyl Glycidyl Ether. Lowest viscosity aromatic modifier. Excellent for electrical applications & for preparing resin/curing agent adducts.🛒

ERISYS Multi-Epoxy Functional – Glycidyl Amine

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, MaxDescriptionSample
ERISYS GA-24095-1101,600-3,000 5Epoxidized meta Xylylenediamine. Low viscosity tetrafunctional resin will increase crosslink density of modified systems.🛒

ERISYS Multi-Epoxy Functional – Glycidyl Ethers

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, MaxDescriptionSample
ERISYS EGDGE109-13213-30150 (APHA)Ethylene Glycol Digylcidyl Ether. Used as a crosslinker for acid functional acrylic polymers.🛒
ERISYS GE-20125-13710-18100 (APHA)Neopentyl Glycol Diglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic difunctional modifier for filament winding, coating, & electrical applications.🛒
ERISYS GE-21120-13010-18100 (APHA)1,4 Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic difunctional modifier for improved flexibility over GE-20 at comparable viscosity.🛒
ERISYS GE-22145-16545-75100 (APHA)Cyclohexanedimethanol Diglycidyl Ether. Cycloaliphatic difunctional modifier with outstanding weatherability.🛒
ERISYS GE-24310-33060-7060 (APHA)Polypropylene Glycol DGE. Diepoxide of an aliphatic polyglycol used as a diluent and/or flexibilizer in high viscosity, brittle epoxy formulations.🛒
ERISYS GE-25143-15615-23100 (APHA)1,6 Hexanediol Diglycidyl Ether. Alphatic difunctional epoxy reactive diluent.🛒
ERISYS GE-29250-300275-5005 (Gardner)Diglycidyl Ether of Brominated Neopentyl Glycol🛒
ERISYS GE-30135-150100-200100 (APHA)Trimethylolpropane Triglycidyl Ether. Low viscosity, high functional epoxy modifier. Excellent for 100% solids, adhesives, & coatings.🛒
ERISYS GE-31150-170200-3004 (Gardner)Trimethylolethane Triglycidyl Ether. Low viscosity high functional epoxy modifier. Use to increase crosslink density & enhance chemical resistance.🛒
ERISYS GE-35550-650300-5008 (Gardner)Castor Oil Triglycidyl Ether. Low viscosity trifunctional flexibilizer🛒
ERISYS GE-35 H550-650300-5008 (Gardner)Castor Oil Glycidyl Ether. Lower modulus version of GE-35.🛒
ERISYS GE-36620-680200-3202 (Gardner)Propoxylated Glycerin Triglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic trifunctional flexibilizer. Used in severe thermal cycling conditions.🛒
ERISYS GE-38160-1801070-13904 (Gardner)Polyglycerol-3-Polyglycidyl Ether. Flexible epoxy. NOT TSCA REGISTERED.🛒
ERISYS GE-40156-170900-12002 (Gardner)Epoxidized Pentaerythritol. Medium viscosity, aliphatic tetraepoxide. NOT TSCA REGISTERED.🛒
ERISYS GE-60160-1958,000-18,0007 (Gardner)Sorbitol Polyglycidyl Ether. Aliphatic polyfunctional modifier to impart higher reactivity & crosslink density to epoxy resin formulations & crosslink acid functional polymers.🛒
ERISYS GE-61160-1954000-70003 (Gardner)Sorbitol Glycidyl Ether Biobased Aliphatic Polyfunctional Epoxy Resin🛒
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