Rockwood Color Pigments & Services Division announces a new distribution network in the US for the full line of Rockwood Pigments products, including Elementis’ pigments products which Rockwood acquired in 2007.

As of November 1, 2008, GMZ will be the agent for Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Eastern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The complete inorganic pigment line of Rockwood and Elementis includes synthetic iron oxides, complex inorganic pigments, natural pigments, cobalt blue, chromium oxide green, transparent iron oxides and cadmium pigments. The network does not cover concrete construction accounts, which will continue to be serviced directly by Rockwood.

Rockwood’s Color Pigments & Services Division is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of iron oxides and colored inorganic pigments for construction, coatings, plastics and specialty applications. The Division’s manufacturing sites and customer service centers are located in the

United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia and China with additional sales offices located in Singapore. For more information on Rockwood, please visit

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