On December 1, 2005 GMZ was named an authorized distributor for Air Products & Chemicals’ Epoxy Additives business unit servicing the states of (northern) Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Tennessee. This product line includes all epoxy curing agents, modifiers and specialty resins sold under the following trade names: Ancamine®, Ancamide®, Amicure®, Anquamine®, Anquawhite®, Epilink®, Imicure®, Curezol®, Epodil®, Ancarez®, Anchor® and Dicyanex®. Although GMZ has served as a distributor for this product line for several years, our authorized territory to date was limited to the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, (southern) Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. GMZ will continue to represent Air Products Polymers’ business unit for all aforementioned states in their entirety. Jennifer Bunger, Bob Erickson, Tim Hawley, and Chris Wittoesch will be covering the new territory.

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