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Get Ahead of the Curve: Latex Traffic Marking Paint with Exceptionally Fast Dry Times!

Make a better traffic marking paint that meets state and federal regulations with NEW – ACRONAL® Xpress 4347 – from BASF

Roadway repair and maintenance are expected to be key areas of U.S. public infrastructure spending as the government updates and improves existing roadways and mass transit. On-the-job efficiencies will be paramount for these construction projects. Traffic paint needs to be formulated with faster dry times and early weathering resistance to limit the time of road-closures and construction zones.

Markings for public and private parking spaces also continue to grow and see a greater demand for environmentally responsible waterbased paints with good economics and ease of application.

Whether you make paint for the local economy or abroad, for travel lanes, loading zones, or parking spaces; your traffic marking paint has to ensure long-term road safety while delivering good economics in maintenance and operational costs.

NEW – ACRONAL® Xpress 4347 – Aqueous Acrylic Copolymer 

  • Exceptionally fast dry-times exceeding current requirements (ASTM D711)
  • Scrub resistance surpassing industry standards (TT-P-1952F, Sec 4.3.12)
  • Excellent latex and paint stability (heat and freeze/thaw cycles)
  • Non-APEO containing
  • Dependable global brand: performance you know and trust

Scrub Resistance Testing

Traffic paint based on ACRONAL Xpress 4347 exhibits excellent scrub resistance properties achieving high durability. The formulation performs over 2000 cycles in scrub resistance exceeding the industry standard of 500 cycles.

Dry-Time Testing

Traffic paint based on ACRONAL Xpress 4347 exhibits excellent fast drying. No-pick-up time is observed at four minutes and 30 seconds, which exceeds industry standard of 10 minutes.

ACRONAL Xpress 4247 - Dry-Time

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