Kelco-Crete® diutan gums are unique water-soluble biopolymers produced by fermentation and supplied in a powdered form. This range of construction additive stabilizers offers formulators multiple benefits with a bonus of being a bio-renewable raw material to effectively contribute towards sustainability goals.

Kelco-Crete DG products have a unique helical structure, molecular weight, and anionic character which gives multiple performance qualities across a full range of products and water-to-cement ratios, with and without superplasticizers.

KELCO-CRETE diutan gum is used as a stabilizer for very fluid cement, concrete, gypsum and refractory materials, such as:

✔ Self-levelling underlayments (SLU)
Flowing floor screeds
Self-compacting concrete (SCC)
Underwater concrete

Kelco-Crete - Helical Structure

See what the Azelis Americas Chemists had to say in this Featured Lab Report:

KELCO-CRETE® diutan gum

  • Hydrates in the mix water of cementitious & gypsum-based systems
  • Modifies the rheology of the water & hence the mix
  • Works closely with the superplasticiser used in the mix
  • Imparts a highly shear-thinning, pseudoplastic rheology to the mix
  • Its rheology stabilises & creates a homogeneous mix with minimal impact on flow and workability
  • VERY EFFECTIVE -used at very low dosages to stabilise & improve the quality of the mix
  • Extremely useful in the design of fluid & highly workable mixes
  • Useful to formulate materials with very low VOC emission (e.g. according to EMICODE®EC 1 plus)
ProductParticle Size*Typical Dosage
(wt% dry mix)
KELCO-CRETE DG180 𝜇m (80 mesh)0.001 - 0.050%Disperses most easily in potable water. Dispersable in glycols, oils or solutions for manual addition.🛒
KELCO-CRETE DG-F75 µm (200 mesh)0.001 - 0.050%Recommended for dry mixes & suspensions to deliver in no/low water systems🛒
KELCO-CRETE DG-S75 µm (200 mesh)0.01 - 0.50%Blend with limestone. Recommended for dry mixes & where dosing of larger quantities aid production🛒

Suspension of Components in Low Viscosity Systems

Kelco-Crete DG Minimizes sedimentation and separation of components at low viscosities

  • Reduced settling of sand, aggregate & pigment
  • Uniform hardened properties
  • Improved pigment efficiency and color quality
Kelco-Crete - sedimentation-Control

Water Bleed Control

Kelco-Crete DG gives improved finish quality

  • Enhances surface appearance
  • Robust processing latitude
  • Improved hydration – less water loss
  • Better mix homogeneity

Higher quality colored concrete

  • Easier to finish with fewer mistakes & imperfections
  • Reduced efflorescence, pits & holes
  • Potential to reduced pigment loading & still get desired color/shade
Kelco-Crete DG Water Bleed test

Improved Stability

Kelco-Crete DG gives a better ablity to cope with raw material variations and allow wider processing latitude

  • Insurance for raw material quality
  • Ability to use local, less expensive & marginal sand & aggregate
  • Potential to reduce inventory & silo storage of different aggregates

Kelco-Crete copes with variations in materials for wider processing latitude:

  • Moisture in sand & aggregate
  • Manufactured sand and gap graded aggregate
  • Compatible with all water reducers/plasticisers

Better Flow

Kelco-Crete is perfect for Pumping!  Pseudoplastic behavior shows low viscosity under shear & high viscosity in place.

  • Improved pumping, placement & workability
  • Facilitates liquid flow of sand & aggregate for Self Leveling and Pervious Systems.
  • Reduced labor placing & finishing


  • Optimized filling of formwork & molds with congested rebar
  • Reduced Placement, Finishing & Labor Costs – No Vibration
  • Easier to Pump, Place, & Work
  • Finished Concrete Assurance

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