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Enhance and Accelerate your Epoxy Systems with the Functionality of Imidazoles

Are you familiar with Imidazoles?  This power-group of amine curators can significantly boost the performance of your 1- and 2-component epoxy systems. Azelis Americas CASE offers a full line of Imidazole curatives and catalysts to help improve your epoxy systems TODAY!

What can Imidazoles do for Epoxy?

  • Boost the Tg and chemical resistance
  • Enhance heat resistance of systems
  • Increase the speed of cure for latent and RT cure systems
  • Lower the activation temperature of latent systems
  • Extend working-time in latent systems (room temperature)
  • Improve adhesion to metals

The functionality of Imidazoles shows great benefits in anhydride-cured applications such as RTM, Filament Winding, and Pultrusion. 

Imidazoles from BASF

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