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Increase Efficiencies while Reducing Costs!

Consumers are driving the printing industry to be more sustainable and globally compliant, while the packaging market is demanding better ink performance for higher line speeds & automation.  Oh, let’s not forget you need to stay competitive as a company: balancing performance and consistency with costs and profitability… Are you feeling the pressure yet? 

JONCRYL® Cost In Use Resins & Emulsions have efficient dilutability profiles to create lower solids inks while maintaining and improving performance!

  • Reduce your raw material costs by creating formulas using less resin!
  • Achieve similar (or improve) performance qualities of existing offerings
  • Enhance productivity in multiple lines with compatibility across broad application areas
  • Attain regulatory and sustainability compliance

JONCRYL® 689-A is a versatile solid acrylic resin for cost efficiency in printing inks and OPV applications

  • Efficient dilution profile for lower-solids inks.
  • Excellent transfer and printability
  • Enhanced gloss, resolubility, and holdout
  • Glycol ether free

JONCRYL® 2190H-A is a hard, non-film forming acrylic emulsion with added dilutability for ink and varnish applications

  • Versatile and fast drying for high-speed applications
  • Enhanced gloss and holdout in flexographic & gravure
  • Glycol ether & HAP free
  • Low-VOC, Swiss A compliant

JONCRYL® 659-A is an efficient colloidal emulsion for use in inks for corrugated board and kraft paper applications

  • Low cost in use due to its high molecular weight and dilutability
  • Excellent transfer and color strength
  • Good compatibility with emulsions and pigment concentrates

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