LCY Elastomers has introduced Globalprene 9526D, the latest product addition to their Globalprene line of SEBS hydrogenated elastomers.  This elastomer provides high flow, transparency and good wetting properties and finds applications in adhesives and sealants, paving and roofing, compounds & footwear, and polypropylene plastic modification.

Features and Benefits

  • High Flow
  • Good Clarity
  • Excellent Wetting
  • Weatherability
  • HIgh Diblock
  • Improves Adhesion

Performance Testing

With a small amount 9526D added, the HMA viscosity decrease about 30% at 140°C; all of the HMA samples show good transparency

With a small amount of 9526D added, HMA properties are maintained.

* Coating weight 30 gsm, to standard stainless

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