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Defend and Safeguard your Polyurethanes and Plastics from Microbial Attack

Anti-microbial materials allow you to safeguard and minimize the presence of harmful bacteria and fungus from developing on your products. The right choice of an anti-microbial agent is key in developing a product that will have long term resistance to biodegradation, proper aesthetics, and better hygienic safety.

Defend your products from bacteria, mold, and fungi growth with these products from ARXADA!

Get peace of mind with:

  • EPA registered products for use in multiple applications
  • No arsenic, no tin, no triclosan
  • JIS Z 2801 & ASTM G21 testing available for you!


Broad Spectrum Anti-Microbial Protection

  • Provides a superior hygienic surface to polymers
  • Does not impact CertPUR Compliant polyurethane foams
  • Cost efficient, easy to formulate, favorable toxicity profile
  • Compatible with most polymers – process temperature less than 220˚C
  • Low use levels – pH stable
  • Low water solubility (0.0008% in water at pH 8)

For plastics and polymers that can tolerate small amounts of water, Zinc OMADINE is available in two dispersed forms:

Vanquish™️ 100

Dependable Protection & Strong UV Stability

N-Butyl-1, 2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (BBIT)

  • Excellent Broad Spectrum Performance
  • Strong UV stability
  • Long term stability in polyols and pre-polymer and plasticizer
  • Does not impact CertPUR Compliant foams
  • 100% organic liquid
  • Easy to formulate – pumpable
  • No VOC

Vanquish™️ SL 10

Dual Solubility Profile & Dual Confidence 

The combined benefits of VANQUISH 100 and Zinc OMADINE in ONE!

  • Blend of BBIT and Zinc Pyrithione
  • Available as a dispersion in DOTP
  • DUAL Solubility Profile
  • Comprised of soluble and insoluble anti-microbials

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