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Remodel your View of High Performance Coating Additives

High performance coating lines can showcase your company’s capabilities to customers, but these product lines are often in a league of their own from an inventory management standpoint. When the economics are not balanced with your higher volume product lines, the overhead costs affect your company’s competitiveness and success.

Meet our line-up of coating additives that pack high performance with broad system compatibility to boost your efficiencies and competitiveness. 

A First Place Finish – Slip, Smoothness, and Gloss

EFKA® SL 3299 is an organically modified polysiloxane slip and leveling additive with excellent compatibility properties. It is effective across multiple systems for wood, industrial (epoxy, PUR), and UV applications.

  • Excellent slip performance at low addition levels
  • Superior anti-blocking
  • Increased surface smoothness and abrasion resistance
  • Improved leveling
  • Minimal effect on foam stabilization
  • No haze in clear coats
  • No negative effect on gloss in high gloss systems
  • Improve the orientation of metallic pigments and matting agents
  • Prevents floating and flooding
  • Cross-linkable in PUR or melamine coatings

Accelerate your Color Intensity

Make pigment pastes with compatibility across all of your solvent-based, UV, and 100% solids high performance coatings lines with EFKA® PU 4063 for color pigments and EFKA® PX 4701 for carbon black.

Exceed your Expectations High Performance Dispersant 

  • Reduced dispersing time
  • Prevent flooding and floating
  • Reduced mill base viscosity
  • Excellent gloss
  • High color intensity
  • Excellent storage stability

Compatibility for Multiple Binder Systems

  • 2K polyurethane paints
  • 2K epoxy paints
  • Unsaturated polyesters
  • Stoving paints
  • Air-drying paints
  • UV applications

Aeration Speed for Thick-Layer Systems

EFKA® SI 2008 is a universal de-aerating agent for thick-layer systems such as industrial floors, casting and sealing compounds, unsaturated polyester resins, 2-pack epoxy and 2-pack PUR resins.

  • Fast and reliable foam suppression
  • No haze, fogging, or impact on coating transparency
  • High compatibility
  • Excellent long-term persistency
  • Suitable for medium- and long-oil alkyds, 2K epoxy, unsaturated polyester, and PUR systems
  • Good for industrial, spray, and printing applications
  • Effective in thick-layer (>1 mm) as well as low thickness systems

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