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Stop Blushing!… with a Low-VOC Water-based “Wet-Look” Masonry Sealer

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You can make a low-VOC “wet-look” masonry sealer with better performance than conventional solvent-based formulas!

What’s the Secret? A Self-Crosslinking Acrylic

JONCRYL® 2990 is a self-crosslinking, acrylic emulsion for concrete coating applications. The Azelis formula was tested in several categories compared to commercially available “wet-look” water- and solvent-based sealer formulations.

Our “Wet-Look” Formula Outperformed in:

✔️  Blush Resistance
✔️  Chemical Resistance
✔️  Concrete Adhesion
✔️  Dirt and Hot-Tire Pick-up
✔️  Film Characteristics

Check Out the Performance in the Blushing Test:

Joncryl 2990 - Blush Resistance Test
Joncryl 2990 - Blush Resistance Test - 4
Joncryl 2990 - Blush Resistance Test

Scale: 10 = no whitening, no effect on film; 1 = complete film whitening, film degradation

Want More Results? See the Full Report Here:

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