Traditionally formulators who manufacture electrically conductive adhesives use epoxy resins using traditional carbon nanotube materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar or copper wire and cable as their conductive filler.  None of these fillers contain all the important properties needed in an conductive epoxy.  Now Huntsman Corp. has introduced an epoxy resin which provides significantly increased properties to adhesives manufacturers!

ARALDITE® GY 40100 conductive epoxy is a specialty component designed to create electrically conductive materials. It contains 2 wt% of MIRALON® conductive filler finely dispersed in an epoxy resin. It is suitable for use in systems compatible with epoxy chemistry.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Miralon nanotubes dispersed in resin enabling:
    • Easy processing of epoxy resin
    • No airborne nanomaterials
  • Low amount of Miralon needed to attain electrical conductivity enabling:
    • Preservation of mechanical properties
    • Product/formulation coloration possibilities
  • High formulation performance and tolerance to other additives:
    • Multiple hardeners
    • Tougheners
    • Diluents
    • Inorganic fillers
    • Rheology modifier
    • Internal release agents
    • Catalysts

ARALDITE® GY 40100 matches electrical performance of carbon black at much lower concentration and lower viscosity

MIRALON® fillers require 20 – 100 times less loading compared to carbon black

Significantly less impact on viscosity at equivalent electrical conductivity

Araldite® GY 40100 epoxy resin matches the electrical performance of highly conductive singlewall nanotubes with limited impact on viscosity

MIRALON® fillers are roughly equivalent with highly conductive singlewall CNT

Moderate impact on viscosity at equivalent electrical conductivity

No effect on mechanical properties

Low Tg Systems (Tg=90°C)

Medium Tg Systems (Tg=155°C)

High Tg Systems (Tg=190°C)

Araldite® is compatible with various catalysts

Catalyst effectiveness not affected by Miralon materials; equal or better conductivity

Araldite compatible with inorganic fillers

Generally no effect on inorganic micro fillers with ARALDITE® GY 40100 epoxy resin

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