Momentive has introduced CoatOSil Prim-2 emulsion, the newest addition to the CoatOSil masonry repellent portfolio. CoatOSil Prim-2 emulsion is a high active 64%, lower VOC aqueous emulsion based on silane/siloxane technology. CoatOSil Prim-2 emulsion has excellent hydrophobic properties and can be used for
a variety of construction applications where water and efflorescence resistance are desired. It has excellent depth of penetration in surface treatment and ease of incorporation in cement concrete admixtures.

  • Blocks pores in substrate to provide invisible protection against water absorption
  • Excellent candidate as cement admixture, surface treatment or additive in other waterborne formulations
  • Improves efflorescence resistance on masonry
  • Excellent depth of penetration in surface treatment
  • Water beading and rolling effect
  • Dilution stable after thinning
  • Can be thinned with ordinary tap water
  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Low cyclic silicone content

Effective Protection of Building Blocks as Concrete Admix

Provides significant better beading effect as concrete admix

Provides significant improvement in efflorescence resistance as concrete admix

Provides Significant Reduction of Water Absorption

Application Method:

Mortar Cure Time: 14 Days Exposure Area: Surface area 5.3 cm2

Test Protocol:

  1. Sand top surface to remove any bleed imperfections
  2. Adhere flask with putty
  3. Fill flask
  4. Measure every hour for 4 hours

Comparison of CoatOSil Prime vs. No Treatment

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