Lutropur® methanesulfonic acid (MSA) from BASF is a strong and odorless organic acid with a unique property profile that distinguishes it from all other acids. MSA is becoming increasingly important in a number of applications and industries, including as a replacement for acid catalysts in esterification reactions in polyester and alkyd resin manufacturing.  It is finding increasing use in polyurethane prepolymers as a stabilizer to displace other conventional options like benzoyl chloride (now a red-listed raw material) & phosphoric acid.

Lutropur® MSA Properties

  • Patented, proprietary
  • Eco-friendly, efficient air oxidation process
  • Chlorine free process, no waste/by-products
  • High purity: low sulfate
  • Consistent product quality




As shown above the unique properties of Lutropur MSA enable benefits encompassing performance, safety, and environmental

Redox Stability

MSA is very resistant to strong oxidizing agents. For example, it does not react, in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid or permanganate. In the cyclic graph this high redox stability can also be seen in the electrochemical stability of MSA. MSA is stable over a remarkably wide range

No odor

The curves show that compounds with a strong odor, such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid and formic acid, have a high vapor pressure, as would be expected. By contrast, methanesulfonic acid is characterized by an extremely low vapor pressure, which is consistent with its lack of odor.

Performance Benefits – Lutropur® vs. The Others

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