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Protect Your Waterbased Formulas from Microbial Growth In-Can and Out!

Water provides the perfect breeding ground for microbes, and biocides have been added to water-based formulas since the first emulsion was ever created. But, what about the final product? Moisture in the environment encourages microbes to attack finished surfaces outdoors and in humid indoor spaces. With health concerns of contaminated surfaces being at an all-time high, consumers and contractors want a formula that can resist microbial attack not only in the can, but out on the surface!

Check out these products from Arxada to boost the protection of your water-based formulas in-can and out!

Protect Finished Surfaces from Microbial Growth – NEW!

Densil FZ Antimicrobial

Boost your Finished Product’s Defenses with Denzil FZ:

  • Combines a fast acting fungicide with durable, slow leaching technology
  • Carbendazim Free
  • Broad spectrum dual-active preservation
  • Superior anti-fungal and anti-algal performance with hygienic benefits
  • Effective against stubborn organisms (i.e. A. alternata)
  • Suitable for multiple water-based applications: Exterior and Interior coatings and stains, roof coatings, stucco and EIFS, joint cements, wallboard and ceiling tile, adhesives and sealants (non-food contact), construction materials, pigment dispersions, and paper coatings

Challenge Test – See for yourself!

15% BCM + 5% IPBC

Denzil FZ

ASTM D5590-94 Rsistance of Paint Films and Related Coatings to Fungal Defacement by Accelerated Four-Week Agar Plate Assay Alternaria alternata (ATCC 6663)
Elastomeric Roof Coating

Dual-Active ~ Broad-Spectrum ~ Low BIT Content

Proxel Spektra – For In-Can Preservation

Highly effective biocide to control the growth of bacteria and fungi in aqueous products, emulsions, and dispersions.

Get Enhanced Activity at a Lower Dose

  • Free from formaldehyde, methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and CMIT
  • Powerful extensive protection at target dose levels that will not require EU H317 labeling
  • Water solution, low viscosity, and transparent
  • Offers pH & temperature stability

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