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Save on TiO2 and Formulation Costs with an Opacifying Polymer for Coatings

AQACell® HIDE 6299 na is an opaque polymer that improves TiO2 spacing and scatters light, enabling formulators to reach the same level of opacity and whiteness while using less TiO2.

TiO2 in Standard Paint Formulation

How does AQACell HIDE 6299 help?

Performance Wins

  • Replace up to 10%-15%* TiO2 with equal hiding power
  • Increased TiO2 efficiency by spacing and scattering light
  • Improved economics of paints
*Greater levels may be possible depending on formulating techniques

Bonus Features

  • Suitable for interior and exterior paints
  • Very low binder demand
  • Formulation latitude: Low to high PVC paints
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to TiO2
  • APEO- and NH3-free
  • Low odor

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