These dicyandiamide, boron-based catalysts, and substituted urea catalysts are key components of latent, 1K heat-cured epoxy systems. They control the cure speed and reduce cure temperatures of dicyandiamide cured formulations and help optimize productivity, energy use, and ultimate physical properties.

OMICURE Dicyandiamide Catalysts

ProductMean Particle SizeMoisture Content max %*Onset Melting Point, °CDescriptionSample
OMICURE DDA 1012µ0.7207-212Fine particle size with good dispersability, reactivity and uniform cure.🛒
OMICURE DDA 100Course Grade1.5207-212Coarse, unground grade of Dicyandiamide for those applications where particle size is not an issue. Contains no flow control agent.🛒
OMICURE DDA 50.5207-212Ultra-Fine particle size Dicyandiamide for the most critical applications. Provides for excellent dispersability, maximum reactivity, uniform cure, and low settling potential.🛒
OMICURE DDA 5020µ0.5207-212Intermediate particle size product provides for Cost effective, stable, one part systems for elevated temperature cure application.🛒

*Loss at 105°C

OMICURE Substituted Urea Accelerators

ProductParticle Size, min. % (325 mesh)Moisture Content, MaxMelting Point, °CDescriptionSample
OMICURE U-24M951180-1952,4 Toluene bis Dimethyl Urea🛒
OMICURE U-415M950.7190 - 2204,4' Methylene bis (phenyl dimethyl urea) - Technical Grade🛒
OMICURE U-52800.7220 - 2304,4 Methylene bis (phenyl dimethyl urea) Isomer Grade🛒
OMICURE U-52M950.7220 - 2304,4 Methylene bis (phenyl dimethyl urea) Isomer Grade🛒
OMICURE U-410M951180 - 19580/20 Toluene bis Dimethyl Urea - Technical Grade🛒
OMICURE U-35M950.7190 - 210Cycloaliphatic bisurea🛒
OMICURE U-210M951172 - 182N-(4-chlorophenyl) N, N Dimethyl Urea🛒
OMICURE U-405M950.7126 - 136Phenyl Dimethyl Urea🛒

Miscellaneous Curing Agents

ProductUse Level, PHRAppearanceMoisture Content, max %DescriptionSample
OMICURE 24EMI0.1-10Dark Amber Liquid0.5Accelerator for anhydrides and catalyst for high temperature epoxies. Faster reactivity vs. BDMA or tertiary amine substituted phenols.🛒
OMICURE 33-DDS36Tan Off-White0.15Aromatic Amine/Curing Agent🛒
OMICURE BC-12025-35Tan0.1Can be used as sole curing agent or as accelerator for Anhydrides, Dicyandiamide or Aromatic Amines. Clear, compatible formulations. Very long room temperature shelf life.🛒
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