Proctor & Gamble (P&G) has been announced as 2009′s winner of the EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award under the category Greener Chemicals Design. P&G’s Sefose® technology, which is produced from combined sugar and vegetable oil, led them to this win. The resin was developed and commercialized by P&G Chemicals as both a new raw material for polymer producers as well as a stand alone product in Alkyd formulations. According to the companies calculations, replacement of conventional alkyd resins with their new technology can:

(1) reduce VOCs equivalent to the emissions from 7,000,000 cars per year;
(2) reduce ground-level ozone by 215,000 tons per year; and
(3) save 900,000 barrels per year of crude oil from the solvents and alkyd polymers it replaces.

P&G said it is also evaluating and testing Sefose® oils as biobased alternatives to replace petroleum-based lubricants.

GMZ is pleased to offer these resins to the Paint and Coatings Industry adding to our already extensive lines of Green Products.

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