Effective September 1st, 2014, SE Tylose has appointed GMZ and EW Kaufmann as regional distributor partners for the Tylose® product line of cellulose ethers. The complete portfolio of Methyl & Hydroxyethyl cellulose ether grades as they relate to paint polymerization and other industrial markets (excludes personal care / HI&I) will be managed by EW Kaufmann in the Northeast and by GMZ in the Midwest and Ohio Valley.

In the CASE market, GMZ and EW Kaufmann join the other 2 divisions of Azelis Americas Distribution Group, namely Ribelin Sales and P. T. Hutchins in representing SE Tylose. Azelis Americas Construction Solutions will continue to represent SE Tylose nationally for the Construction market.


Dan Gruber, President of Azelis Americas CASE said, “We are excited to expand our current relationship with SE Tylose and look forward to growing their market share. Tylose® complements our existing product portfolio in the CASE market and provides our customers with the highest quality products and performance they demand.”


Mr. Hiroshi Jomori, General Manager, SE Tylose USA, emphasized “The value the technical sales expertise and strong regional relationships that these organizations offer. ”


SE Tylose USA is an affiliate of SE Tylose GmbH, Germany Shin-Etsu Chemical Co, Ltd group and is located in Plaquemine, LA.



SE Tylose is located in Wiesbaden, Germany, producing approximately 65.000 tons of cellulose ethers annually and is one of the world’s most important suppliers. With its manufacturing plants in Wiesbaden and Joetsu in Japan, Shin-Etsu Chemical group is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cellulose. The company is building its first US Hydroxyethyl cellulose manufacturing plant under construction in Plaquemine LA.




Azelis Americas Distribution Group (Azelis Americas) is the leader in specialty chemical distribution in North America, serving customers in CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers), Specialty Ag, CARE, Life Sciences / Nutrition, Construction,  Plastics, Lubrication & Metalworking, Inks, and Urethanes markets. In January 2014, Azelis Americas’s Life Sciences / Nutrition business segment was established with the acquisition of Marcor Development Corp. Azelis Americas also recently acquired The DeWolf Companies to form Azelis Americas CARE and solidify the personal care and HI&I platforms across North America.  Azelis Americas is organized around industry verticals servicing focused markets in the United States and Canada. All share similar approaches to their respective markets: deep technical expertise and market knowledge; a service platform that includes marketing and product management; a network of technical application labs to support customers; a focus on customer intimacy; and an absolute devotion to customer service.  Azelis Americas is headquartered in Stamford, CT


For more information, please contact Terry Mullin, Marketing Manager, at tmullin@kodadistribution.com or at 203.883.1477. www.kodadistribution.com

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