Rising prices as well as environmental and regulatory concerns have chemists thinking creatively on how to reduce TiO2 in their formulas while achieving the same performance. In printing applications, there really is no pigment substitute that can truly achieve the opacity in a thin film the way TiO2 does. Extender pigments can give you a boost in the right direction but at a certain loading, properties begin to be sacrificed.

Instead of replacing TiO2 with another white pigment, our supplier partner BASF took a different angle by utilizing the binder system to achieve opacity. They claimed that this opaque polymer would give water-based flexo and gravure ink manufacturers the ability to increase opacity and achieve clean bright inks with excellent performance, particularly on dark substrates. We brought this into our labs to see for ourselves and try to generate additional data that would help our customers decide if it was the right product for them.

JONCRYL 633 is a highly opaque, hard styrene-acrylic emulsion that produces cleaner and brighter inks with hiding power on dark substrates like corrugated boxes, kraft, and mottled white paper and paperboard.  It can also be used to reduce the amount of TiO2 needed in white inks.

Typical performance benefits include:

  • High opacity
  • Good resolubility
  • Good water and rub resistance

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Performance Results

JONCRYL 633 vs. standard emulsion at equal TiO2

JONCRYL 633 at 10% TiO2 vs. 40% TiO2 in standard formula

JONCRYL 633 vs 631 in colour


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