EPALLOY® specialty epoxy resins deliver improved performance characteristics over standard resins, including chemical resistance, thermal performance, modulus, cure speed, and UV resistance than standard liquid epoxy resins.

EPALLOY Bisphenol A/F Modified Phenol Novolac Epoxy Resins

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cps @ 25°CColor, Max (Gardner)DescriptionSample
EPALLOY 9237-70170-1815,000-7,000 4Non-crystallizing modified BPA modified BPF resin. Highest BPF content & highest Tg in this class.🛒
EPALLOY 7138175-1855,500-7,500 1Low viscosity non-crystallizing modified Bisphenol A resin. Excellent replacement for high purity BPA resins in filament winding applications.🛒
EPALLOY 7170177-1877,000-10,000 2Non-crystallizing BPA/F resin. 30% epoxidized BPF content.🛒

EPALLOY Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins

Product EEW, g/eqViscosity, cps @ 25°CColor, Max (Gardner)DescriptionSample
EPALLOY 5000210-2301,300-2,500 100 (APHA)UV Resistant, lower viscosity alternative to Standard Bisphenol A (BPA) epoxy resin. For weatherable coatings as replacement to urethane. Excellent adhesion to metal.🛒
EPALLOY 5001LC200-2202,000-4,500 3Accelerated version of the cycloaliphatic diepoxide EPALLOY 5000.🛒
EPALLOY 5200160-180700-900100 (APHA)Difunctional cycloaliphatic glycidyl ester based on Hexahydrophthallic Anhydride.🛒

EPALLOY Multi-Functional Epoxies with Faster Cure

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cpsColor, Max (Gardner)DescriptionSample
EPALLOY 7200195-2152,000-4,000 @ 52°C2Modified BPA epoxys to provide for faster cure for all temperatures. Eliminates blushing in slower curing epoxies. Excellent for coatings.🛒
EPALLOY 9000160-1805,500-6,500 @ 72°C3High functionality, low melt viscosity resin for high temperature applications & Tg modification of other epoxy resins.🛒

EPALLOY Phenol Novolac Epoxy Resins 

ProductEEW, g/eqViscosity, cps Color, Max (Gardner)DescriptionSample
EPALLOY 8220164-1761,800-2,800 @ 25°C2Lowest viscosity BPF resin. Near monomeric product for blends to prevent crystallization in BPA resins.🛒
EPALLOY 8230164-1763,500-4,700 @ 25°C3Standard low viscosity non-crystallizing resin for excellent 100% solids coatings & composite applications.🛒
EPALLOY 8240164-1766,000-7,100 @ 25°C3Lowest viscosity unmodified epoxy novolac available. For secondary containment tank linings & industrial flooring.🛒
EPALLOY 8250165-17818,000-28,000 @ 25°C3Mid-range functionality epoxy novolac. For high temper­ature, highly corrosive applications.🛒
EPALLOY 8280172-1791,100-1,700 @ 52°C2Mid-range functionality for improved Tg & corrosion resistance.🛒
EPALLOY 8330171-18320,000-30,000 @ 52°C3Standard epoxy novolac for highest chemical resistance & Tg.🛒
EPALLOY 8350175-18430,000-50,000 @ 52°C3Higher viscosity equivalent to 8330.🛒
EPALLOY 8370205-21215,000-25,000 @ 72°C3Highest functionality epoxy phenol novolac resin.🛒
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